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A distant and unknown region, the extreme limit of the travel and discovery.

Dall sheep may be the iconic species of one of the greatest wilderness regions left on earth. The Wrangell-St. Elias, Glacier Bay, and Kluane National Parks along with the Tatshanshini-Alsek Provincial Park combine to cover over twenty-four million acres. The largest protected continuous wilderness area in the world. It is a land of enormous mountains, icefields, and grinding glaciers; falling off to tremendous river valleys, tundra, and boreal forests.

During the summer the many of the older rams will push to the very upper limits of plant life, right to the threshold where nothing exists but ice, rocks, and everlasting winter. It requires great stamina and desire to traverse these areas with heavy back pack and ice ax in hand. To witness these animals in their habitat is to feel the ominous power of nature at work. From the creek and groan of the glacier that you have pitched your tiny tent on to the almost constant fall of rock and ice. It is a land that is literally changing right before your eyes.

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